The Focus of Any Customer Relationship Management Solution Should Be the Customer

Growing profits in the 'new economy' has its challenges. Profitable Customers has been consulting to companies of all shapes and sizes for the past 10 + years, with one focus – growing profits through cost effective marketing.

These profits are grown through maximizing return on marketing dollars and customer profitability. In many cases, clients are spending the right amount, but by using a laser beam focus to alter where the dollars are spent, clients can grow in the most challenging economic environments.

By measuring not only return on investment, but also customer and employee satisfaction, Profitable Customers has spent the last 10 years helping companies drive sales, build brand loyalty and increase profitability. With this proven track record, Profitable Customers is now an industry leader in developing long-term, strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that consistently exceed accepted standards and yield impressive results. Find out how Profitable Customers can do this for you.

Mary Loftness' passion is teaching and implementing effective marketing return on investment, and marketing measurement to clients, from the 'C' level to staff members. The cornerstone of Mary's consulting philosophy is to build on the current strengths of the client, while implementing change to increase growth. The 'play book' from one client to another varies greatly because of market conditions and operational challenges. Mary's vast experience lends itself well to personalized solutions for each client.